Jean Dieuzaide


Selected Works

Dalí dans l’eau, Port Lligat 1953, Silver gelatin print 30x40cm

Photo by Jean Dieuzaide

Jean Dieuzaide ( 1921-2003 ) was a French photographer. One of the few photographers to document the liberation of Toulouse in 1944, Dieuzaide soon became a professional photo-reporter, initially specializing in sports, then covering all the actualite. But he was also a faithful recorder of his native south-western France as well as its adjoining regions, especially Catalonia, Spain and Portugal. His pictures of French and Spanish gitans are romantic evocations of their life and evidence of admiration in which they were held following the war. Dieuzaide was awarded the Prix Nadar ( 1961 ) and the Prix Niepce ( 1995 ).